About Ted

Photo by HyeJin Green © 2016.

Photo by HyeJin Green © 2016.

Ted's technology career was the natural born fruit from an earlier career in New York City as both a performing musician and digital audio engineer where he earned stage and studio experiences that surpassed many of his early dreams. But Ted's prescience; that is, witnessing the continued digitization of all media content, guided Ted to a new found passion for digital technologies, both on the content creation side (front end) and the hard core engineering side (back end). With an already strong background in the arts, Ted sprinted to grad school where he was awarded a full assistantship. It was at  New York Institute of Technology where he began his M.A. in Digital 3-D Animation & Communications Technologies.

Nope. A funny thing happened on the way... Ted's M.A. curriculum at NYIT was a grueling, disciplined technology boot camp, learning tri-axis design mechanics and aesthetics as well as the study of nature in motion, and how to edit and curate both digital and analogue media. With NYIT alumni the likes of Alvy Smith (Pixar Animation founder), Lance Williams (Disney feature animator), and Hank Grebe (Dreamworks Animation) Ted was a sure fire bet to be the next in line to this pedigree. Or so he thought. As it turned out, part of Ted's assistantship agreement with NYIT required he not only assistant teach, but also learn how to maintain the NASA-like technology in their labs, and own that mission through his M.A. program. Serendipity-do-da indeed! With Master’s degree in hand Ted's phone was ringing like mad not for a 3-D animator, but for a technology engineer versed in the needs and working lifestyle of the media industry. An impassioned technology career was born.

From his earliest days Ted learned a few key industry career tips: Work alongside industry doyens superior to yourself,  cheap decisions are the most costly, keep it simple, and most important, technology is people. Ted's always taken a personal interest in his client’s technology driven goals and dreams and that’s been his special sauce. Ted's fifteen year tech industry journey has brought him to Fortune 100 companies, historically important media companies, top fashion and world-news photographers, blockbuster e-commerce startups and the private work spaces of some of the most fascinating people in the world. Within the journey Ted's had the privilege to work alongside some of the most talented colleagues in the industry making him infinitely grateful for their accolades regarding his skills and unique approach to the evolution of technology. My goodness it’s been a fun road! And he's just getting started.

Ted's been an independent technologist & Apple engineer since 2000. As a career hallmark, he continues to be a staunch advocate, practitioner and educator on data privacy and security in our hyper-connected, and now hyper vulnerable world due in large part to the advent of cloud technologies.